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ESP Solar Tracker by Dougal Plummer This guy has the smartest solar tracker program

Solar Calculator You can import your own model The best I've ever seen. GREAT!

Solar Calculator Calculate the sun position at your home

Strong Wind video This is what happens when its hit by strong wind

Test of Solar panels to 140 km/h wind


1st. SYMO 10.0-3-M Växelriktare (Paket med solceller 97 000:- SEK)

36 st.  solpaneler 305W. 1666/st

6st. Batterier 24V 200A  3975st 23850:- wwwsolarlab.se

1 st. Wind generator 600W wind/400W Solar with Charger and Ballast 3 600:-

1 st. Stålrör 5,4m ø 168mm,  ø155mm godstjocklek 6mm 400:-

3 st. Gängstång Biltema 169:-

2 st. Hjullager Volvo 850 Art. 74-092 599:-

1 st. Lagerblock Jula ø30mm 199:-

1 st. Elbox 89:-

Maybe also later i by.

3st. MPPsolar 5048MG 5841:- x 3 Frakt 853:-

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Part 2

Part 3

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