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Part 2

Video of my Solar Tracker

15 degree

By tilting the panels down reduce the force by 80%


10 degree

Before adjust for high wind

The wind is my enemy

Strong wind can easily create the force that destroy my solar-project. So i think i must have a solution for this. I have done some test and found out that if i tilt the solar-panels down to 15 degrees and 10 degrees off the wind direction the force to the solar-panels goes down by 80%. But how to do it? I recently got in contact with Dougal Plummer a guy that has his own Solar-park and he has done several project and programming in controlling the movement and track the sun. He is marvellous in programming.

How to make Altitude movement ?

There is Linear actuators out there to buy but they are to weak, i think. So i got a M30 tread bar for 10USD at Biltema, one meter long and weight 4 kg.

I will make my own Heavy Duty linear motor with a DC motor with a worm gearbox.

After seeing what can happens in strong wind i decided to make the Solar Tracker more stable by adding a mesh at the back. Se the movie.

Altitude South - North

A linear motor should do the job. But i could not find any strong enough for the purouse so i will make one myself from a M30 tread bar and a worm gear motor. The WormGear motor speed is 440rpm. That will turn the M30 bar 2,5mm/rpm = 1100mm per minut. That will be a fine speed to move the Solarpanels with a lot of torque.