"Thronborg solves problems you never thought was solvable!"

I started as a hungry 8 years old boy by finding a small electrical motor, i cut a propeller out of a piece of wood and added a battery. Thats how my interest started and i have continued as an problem solver and inventor. I am not afraid of getting my fingers dirty, neither to try to understand a man build piece. If someone can make it, someone can fix it!

I've been working with electronic & mechanics all my life and the last 30 years also with illustrations and computer databases, drawing and design.

I am NOT an expert or have any masters degree in science. BUT i have a huge experience in human trial & error and human sence in a lot of different areas.

So i'm an old man with a lot of experience that you should concider to contact. I maybe have the solution to your problems that a master degree or 20-page CV can't solve.

Try me!

Sincerly  Ole Thronborg


My name is Ole Thronborg.  I'm 64 years old and live outside a small town, Nyk√∂ping 100km south of Stockholm, Sweden. Here i have my Workshop and electronic and programming facilities. I just love to solving problems, do you have any for me?